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What Are Engagement Analytics & Why Should I Care?

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What are Engagement Analytics & Why Should I Care FB

What Are Engagement Analytics & Why Should I Care?

The difference between RMG and other marketers is we tell you exactly how we market your business. Engagement Analytics are what Google looks at to determine if a site is relevant to a searchers query.

  • Bounce Rate
  • Avg Session Duration
  • New Users vs Returning Users
  • Average Pages Per Visit
  • Average Pages Per Session
  • And even though they’re not mentioned in Google Analytics they even look at comments on blog posts.

What are you doing to improve your Engagement? Do you create new content that’s relevant and consistent? Do you add different types of content? Watch this video and learn more.

Transcription (Unedited)

Today I’m going to talk to you about engagement analytics and what that means and why we focus so much on that so this is an example this is a relatively new but it’s not even a year old yet and we have so this this is just for this week this site is seen month-over-month gross growth because we focus on the engagement analytics so what does that mean we focus on is what we focus on we focus on the average average session duration this case is a minute 15 seconds which is pretty good normally this website seized durations of more than 2 and 1/2 minutes this week of all different I’m in bounce rate again this is kind of high for a bounce rate again this site normally sees around 62% which is even still a little high its oil change depending on industry but for this site it’s normally around 62% overall the same bounce rates of 60% and a good bounce rate is what if you entered the website what page you land on whether it’s a blog post the homepage the about page whatever it is do you leave the site from there or do you navigate to another page from there so if you stay on the site navigate to another page that is not about if you just leave the site all together from the pager landed on that is a bounce and will go towards your bounce rate so and what this means is 70 out of a hundred people left the site after visiting one page 22 visit a second page normally to start again is around 62% average session duration how long do they stay on the site while they’re there users is a pretty pretty standard pretty obvious explanation so users 85 years has came to the site 76 of them has never been on the site before that’s based on IP address or or cookie so that is not a scientific number if they did if there were there you know six months ago that the information might be different sessions 8687 sessions women’s two people came back the second time number sessions per user is 1.02 is that it ties in in this is this is an engagement alert I left the site there’s something on the site that I liked so I went back you were $190 pageviews can a ties in with your bounce rate so it should so if I say 109 – 87 that’s 2222 so that you don’t that make sense what your thoughts are in 1.25 pages per session so the user is the visitors are visiting on average one and a quarter pages per session at Savage so every four years of someone is visiting two pages that’s the short the short answer now typically what we do is if it’s a service business to have a service area so we’ll pick it up will create you know this this view is for traffic will separated into their Regional area so that we know what the real traffic is cuz you’re going to get some traffic that’s really not useful and you’ll be able to see because your thoughts racing in this website in particular did I did get a report that there was some unusual referral traffic from one site so you can see what I mean and I didn’t update you did not update me I don’t know if it’s cuz I’m recording the screen but it did not update and go back to week this is a refreshing like I wanted to I’m not getting information to one so let me pause and see if I can fix that okay so now we have the view for the last 30 days so as you can see the average session duration for this particular website is to 2 and 1/2 minutes exactly bounce rate is 62.39% 1.52 pages per visit so that every two visitors one of them is staying to visit a second page lot of good numbers for a lot of things I like to see honestly the higher the Irish session duration in a letter what is so what is all that mean it means when they come to a page on your side they’re staying in their reading a contact there their and they’re engaging with the contents of our how long to stay on the site at this counts towards moving you up on the Google search page search results page they’re watching if your videos are watching and I highly suggest you have some videos some videos on your website they’re watching some summer all the videos going to another page during that maybe they’re leaving a comment on Main Google does is able to see that information with the return visit so I have 269 users of which 249 are new so that means 20 uses came back and so that means that people are engaged with the site and so this is the information we look for as we measure the success of the website because this means we have people interested. We could use this in any any number of ways we can report it through advertising you know Facebook pixels is a great way so 269 users in the last 30 days what is that workout you about almost 10 years 9 years is a day we can create a Facebook pixel added to the website create an ad on Facebook and if they’re on Facebook they will see the ad and it’ll bring them back to the website one of the biggest numbers behind marketing is you need seven to twelve touches I believe those are the numbers 7 to 12 touches before you reach someone so that’s through organic through advertising too. Maybe snail mail there’s all kinds of people calling visiting networking or all of these things help to this particular site what we do with the site is we create a lot of content dude’s a has a podcast attached to it to say has a block attached to it there’s a few videos throughout the the site just by the way this is not rooftop Marketing Group., this is a client site had them there on YouTube but we also add them to the website there’s a Blog on roof top Marketing Group so if we were to show you those analytics you see it’s probably send engagement analytics there so what we look at for engagement Analytics average sex duration how much time it is pending on the site down street how many people leave without visiting your second page the number sessions the number of New Years is versus years ago also how many people come back number of sessions per user and pages per session so you can see per user every four years is one of them comes back and that’s so that’s that means a lot in your marketing pipeline your sales pipeline both of those are important to you course we’re going to look at things like you know how many people are business because that’s important to or you don’t want to get people from I’m not sure where GB is but oh Great Britain probably and in Denmark maybe we’re not concerned with that traffic if I’m a local business in Wisconsin that’s not going to help me write so we want local traffic and you know this guy has a pot conceivable that we’re all across the world but we want local traffic for a local service business we want to see little bounce rates High average session duration so we’re providing valuable content to the people visiting the page you want to see comments on blog posts that are on the site of course you can’t see that on Google analytics but you can visit the site and see that pages per session and number of sessions per user you want to see some returning users those are all the things that matter that show Google that your website content is relevant and that’s what’s going to move you up in the rankings so that’s our primary focus with with SEO is weak or I call it engagement analytics that is the primary focus of a rooftop Marketing Group. Com a rooftop Marketing Group that is in that’s our Focus now of course we focus on all of the technical SEO stuff because that is relevant to engagement and looks so that you don’t make you sure that meta descriptions in in schema markup are relevant to the content and you know image tags and all that stuff into the engagement analytics that help your website get found on Google and other search engines if you’re not doing those things it’s less likely be found but the with the intent the focused behind anything that we do is to reach people and engage with them and that’s where these numbers come out okay and we’re seeing this month this this website I seen month-over-month increases because we have asked and engaging to the site visitors this episode of rooftop Marketing Group vlog check it out on YouTube and we will of course put it on website and transcribe it as best you can until next time everyone have a great weekend and if we don’t record anything I don’t think we’re going to get a chance to record anything before Christmas of course everybody have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year and we look forward to serving all of you in the new year in 2020 

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