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The Importance of Your Google My Business Page

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The Importance of Your Google My Business Listing

The Importance of Your Google My Business Page

You need a Google My Business page for your business, or you risk being irrelevant in the eyes of your potential clients. If they can’t find you on Google then you’re missing out on a ton of opportunities.




Transcription of The Importance of Your Google My Business Page

Hello everyone and welcome to another Rooftop Marketing Group vlog I guess we’ll call it a vlog this one is on the importance of Google my business so a lot of a lot we find that a lot of businesses ignore Google my business and all we want we want to put out the importance of it so last episode of the rooftop Marketing Group blog are shared with you the anatomy of a Google search page and I sure do that on the Google search page you have the map you are which is either this either the second or the third listing on the Google search results page so you have you have your Google guarantee if it’s relevant you’re a regular Google ads in Google map pack and then your organic search results so three or four positions that you can rent for on the first page of Google and Google Map is one of the easiest ones to set up and Rank 4 if done properly so I’m going to go through how to do that so I just started to go to my business and if you don’t already have a Google account to create one and then you create your Google listing and what’ll happen is if they don’t have your listing already been Google business then I will send you a postcard with a pin number that you’ll have to enter the verify the address of the business and if it is already there they may allow you to verify the business through phone which doesn’t happen often but it does happen occasionally then you set up your listing and it’s going to ask you for the basic website the email address phone number and hours of operation in all these things should be consistent across the board Amway other listing sites so you should also set up being places Yelp YP Yahoo all of all of the listing sites that are out there and there and there are probably hundreds but start with the big ones and if you’re not sure you can also go to scanner. Rooftop Marketing Group. Com or just go to Rooftop Marketing Group chat table and you’ll see the button to to go and get your free listings can right here no why is it so bored so I told you why it’s important but here’s to us some of the here’s why utilizing all of the features of the Google my business listing are important where to go down this menu here on the left side so I have post no posts aren’t with the sound like you might be thinking blog post that is actually not the case what they are our promotional posts so as you can see here that at 10% off Roofing special offer and this goes till December 10th and there’s a coupon code so you call them up to get 10% off of the oath of the roof repair you can see how many times has been viewed how it and you can create or you can create ads that’ll show up in the map pack by the way so you could do that here you can add events you can add just update when you get out of the products sorry if this roofing company decided they were going to add a new line of products maybe now they’re going to do decks and porches well they can add that here so all of those things show up when they’re listing shows up so if I search for or get a construction you’ll see that there promotions will be here 10% off Roofing salt as the person searching Google then you’ll see this through to this that and the reviews are usually what people so 28 reviews with a 4.9 average there are pictures that have been shared and also all of this stuff is what gets people clicking through it now let’s go back to so that’s your posts in for a few of your business you know the name of the business what do you do the services you provide for the products or provide the address of the business service areas Services Massachusetts I had to change that hours of operation in on that, and then you’ll get a construction on this is that as an error so it should be the same across the board including hours of operation the street address to phone number all of these things should match at construction so that’s for Google the website address which aren’t you to correct cuz it’s actually HTTPS so you can see it’s something that will try to verify other things won’t require verification so now that’s under review appointment links if you do setup and their tongues of Integrations available see what if it shows me a list of the Integrations that are available but you can set up a I must say not here but I’ll try to find that for you guys but you can set up an appointment system so that people can schedule an appointment right from your Google my business page you could add Services products that you started yesterday above your services and products so depending on the type of business you are you might have a manatees you can add photos photos are great because people get to see your business from the Google homepage of Google search page a brief introduction to your business you can if you want to listen to look like if your business closes so I’ll give an example I had a had a A Pest Removal service that sold his business to another provider so that was a provider had the wrong Google Business listing so I I barked his is closed and by doing so that helped that actually helps the other provider because that’s one less listing that’s going to show up in the Google search results so make sure if for some reason your business is closed or if you change business type store names or whatever the case may be that you update that Google Assistant calls that Google’s the customers use Google Assistant to book with you all so quickly update your listing by getting occasional cost to confirm your details so that is set up on here and Alexa those types of devices are they coming more relevant so are you going to need to address. I apologize for every time I said to Magic Alex Alex a word it gets some device going in my house and so you have if you’re going to set up ads and so forth of you have multiple locations and so that’s in this instance that’s not relevant you have inside so you’ll be able to see of the traffic conversions and so forth reviews reviews are huge because you were going to need to address you reviews positive or negative it doesn’t matter if you can see they’re getting mostly positive reviews if they are all positive one four star the rest of five stars and their responding so they responded to her most of them they responded to some of them anyway so you should respond a lot of people won’t respond to negative reviews which which is crazy you should always respond to negative reviews but we ran into a situation what kind of Coach someone they got a negative review but negative reviews from an ex-employee that left the company year ago his wife left a negative review and I just advised the person the business owner to respond to interview saying we apologize we haven’t had this type of experience it’s your husband left something on it wasn’t quite so short when did but essentially acknowledging that there is a review that is for us it’s okay to address the address messaging so they recently changed us on mobile devices you can you can receive messages and he used to be through SMS that is no longer the case now it is through the Google Google my business app on your phone so somebody if they’re on their mobile device still see the business listing on mobile device and it’ll be an option to message the business directly from the Google Business listing so then you message it’ll come up on your Google Business listing your Google my business app on your phone you can where you can have a conversation with them directly photos of gamma talked about it and maybe the booking so. God is doing a great job short sharing photos on here bookings sign up for bookings to choose a provider and here’s a list of all the providers no that’s not what I want yeah so it doesn’t doesn’t list of providers here but they’re there is a bunch of providers probably a couple dozen at least and you can set up a one-page website on Google Now have not done this for any clients my concern is that it might compete with your regular websites that’s my concern my now they might need now you have yet another another I am taking up the first page of Google so that is another possibility for your business so if we were there and I didn’t even set this up I’m not sure if the owner set this up. We are in this might be automatically generated so if we were to post this it might actually do harm to the website I don’t know and it may also help nerve there what’s the word I’m looking for how much landscape to take up on the first page of Google so there’s that this map and that’s my other concern isn’t really a lot bigger than that so that would be another cause for concern by publishing us but you can publish a one-page website and maybe we’ll test this maybe I’ll find business and user are not a real business I don’t want to take that chance you can create an ad credit location and of course ninja locations into counseling in ETC but the reason it’s so important to do it because if I searched and so let’s just go through for so I can kind of what I talked about in the last episode you’re going to see so here we have your Google guaranteed your Google ads and this is where Google my business shows up and this is why it’s important because no macri Roofing the reason you’ll get it doesn’t show up here and sometimes they do want to search them but and we’re going to ignore this here cuz this is just me I’m going to leave it so now he’s not here but if not we was up here Google guarantee to maybe they don’t participate in Google guarantee I don’t know then blow them is Home Advisor DVD and house pros y’all back it would be here so now you could potentially have one up here too 3 in the map pack and it is sore if they show up on the first page and it does not look like they do no so opportunities exist for them what’s the plumber Chris arnott Plumbing what’s the one painter was due home painter so they are painters are not using Google get a good they have it been Google has not allowed painters to use it yet Imaginext, but you have ads then you have your Google pack Google Business map pack fresh home painting is the first one that shows up there a lot of the listings of on the homepage on the first page of Google are they’re all listing sites of opportunities to add your business listing sites Yelp painters in C team or should I think that is a business yes it is so painters in CT shows up on the first page of the organic results and let’s come up here are they here they are not so there’s opportunities customer service that do have an ad running go there’s opportunities for some businesses some local businesses service businesses in my area but that’s that’s why the Google my business listing is so important to your business because it’s it sends a  I’m hard to believe for an answer but make sure your listing is complete and accurate and it matches other listings Oregon things like Bing places Yelp Facebook you get out of all of those things they need to match they need to be accurate across-the-board and Tom if you’re not in the Google ecosystem people are not going to find a business so that’s going to do it for this episode of the rooftop Marketing Group blog so it’ll come back with another episode after Thanksgiving so happen to have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and hey Saturday I know Fridays Black Friday support small businesses Saturday small business Saturday get out there and support small businesses okay have a great one 

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