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Anatomy of a Google Search

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Anatomy of a Google Search Page

Anatomy of a Google Search page

How does Google return a query on What do the results on a Google Search Results page mean? How can my business get on the first page of Google? How does voice search impact my results? Can I rank for a single, high-value keyword?

Hello welcome this video. I was planning so first of all let me introduce myself and Scott Caan bar or owner of a woman in speaking about your Google my name and you’ll see what I do the reason for this is I was going to write a blog post about the anatomy of a Google search page but I decided instead to record a video so that maybe that’ll help the businesses out there with so rooftop marketing specializes in marketing for service businesses like let’s say plumbers as you see on the screen or Home Improvement and what I can’t is a lot of questions about how the Google search results work what’s coming in the future so I wanted to do a quick video and will transcribe it of course in to have it listed on on our website rooftop okay so now now to go to the meat and potatoes of our show of our video this is the Google search results page and I search for plumber now with plumbers in Meriden Connecticut plumbers near me these are suggestions but I’m going to tell you plumbers in Meriden Connecticut probably doesn’t get a lot of searches bright in the way Google works today is that instead of putting a plumber and getting a Google page of the what is believed to be the would-be the pages that websites that have the best SEO that is not necessarily true anymore what do I mean by that song Let’s go through that program where these plumbers are vetted and then Google you click on this just in the car goes straight to that that plumber in this case and you get a plumber husband that if I could go to have insurance to licensed etcetera etcetera they have reviews as you can see this plumber particular as a 4.8 review rating the idea behind this is that Google says okay these plumbers are legitimate and they do a good job and you can rest assured that if they come in your house that you will get the job done right and then you can click on that and you’ll see more plumbers they pay about an average about $35 per per lead the great thing about this is that the lead is a hot lead they’re calling you directly against plumbing and Roto-Rooter plumbing over here not sure whether I don’t know if that’s a franchise we have clients that are using this with with great success more than adequate or a y on it return on investment on that okay that so these are Google ads system is Google local ads but they appear on top of that this is part of Google what used to be at words this is now Google ads so pissy Roto rooters here to see Roto rooters here three numbers could be a little bit of a whatever concern for me that probably is a franchise I think it is but I would be a little problem having three different locations through but it doesn’t impact ads so these are the regular as using Google AdWords or Google ads AdWords or just Google ads and you set up these ads in any Target in a specific area so forth above the 3-pack Google Maps just got a Google local Google my business this is all set up to go with my business and it doesn’t look like anybody is here here as well and now you have the option so then called the three pack cuz you only see three but now you have the option to sort by rating or by the hours so maybe you have an emergency on a Sunday afternoon and you can sort by that and you can see here you have is these are the ones that are closest to me that appear to be active as you can see M&M services on Gracey Ave which is right around the corner from me but I’m not familiar with that service so Google my business sets all this up now with Google my business you also get if you if I search for specific business I’ll also get more features including message them directly from the Google Business listing set up and leave a review and so forth then you have to work an acoustic so there’s four opportunities here I have Google guaranteed Google ads Google Map Pack Attack in organic listings in this is what what SEO does okay and then so what you see here is you’ll see Yelp 10 best plumbing in Meriden so if your SEO marketer whoever knows what they’re doing they’re setting you up on your phone you have Home Advisor will discuss home advisor in another another video with Angie’s List will it will probably discuss that in the same video on Better Business Bureau but then home services this is a local I’m in Meriden Connecticut you know it’s not some big names. Start Roto-Rooter that you saw up above so you can compete on the first page of Google for what it what we call a high-value keywords on there is a very high value keyboard I don’t have to put a plumber in Meriden I don’t have to put a plumber near me to Plumbing looks like they’re in the Middletown area which is above me Advanced Plumbing again 10 best plumbers near me home guide which I don’t know if they were hung guy but maybe that’s another place you can list your site Dwayne Plumbing which has okay Meriden Connecticut is Roto-Rooter but 01 it looks to me like Roto-Rooter has some work to do but that’s just my opinion so Roto-Rooter Advanced Plumbing and heating again so they’re on the thug the hold the first page of Google first plumbers three times under organic Home Advisor again and then finally caused Plumbing which has this is it at so Google ads finish up at the bottom of the first page as well however I’m some estimate that more than 90% don’t go past the first page but now that’s a good painters I’m going to tell you a story real quick about a painter local painter because of this marketers recommendation wanted to be found for commercial painting in West Hartford Connecticut and I told the painter that you know nobody searches for that commercial paint or paint something much more General so here we go again but notice now there’s no Google guaranteed you have ads and I discourage people from trying to compete with HomeAdvisor an ass because Home Advisor has a ton of money you can do that and you might be able to beat them but if you’re doing a service area in or like a 25 30 mile radius wouldn’t try to compete with them up for and then what a creative ad be home advisor that can absolutely absolutely happen we might spend a few dollars the other one is Thumbtack also have some money behind quality local Pros painters in my area so just listing sites can you have Google my business so that there’s no guarantee they only have three opportunities because Panthers can I use Google guaranteed yet I imagine that’s coming but not yet so you have your local 3 pack again not a lot of reviews apparently but you can search by time that they’re open hours of operation and by the way this is why it’s really important of the hours of operation on your Google my business listing there’s some new stories so is it this is not the type of paint digital art so maybe we would needs but then so you can see Corral digital and digital art easel painting this is software in this both for Corral 10 best painters in Meriden this is on Yelp painters in CT this is an actual company Pinterest Plus on Home Advisor Angie’s List Wiktionary Wikipedia painting contractors near Meriden Connecticut on BBB so now just so now Home Advisor Thumbtack local painter quotes and quality look Froze all ads all probably listing site fresh home painting Painters Plus in Franklin painting so now we do that is because there’s two of their looks like there’s two o’s in Connecticut HomeAdvisor Facebook Thumbtack this is a reason Edward Edwin Cordero Cordero painting LLC this is a good reason mrs. this is actually not too far from a great reason to have a Facebook page since Facebook page is listed on the first page of Google an amazing interior painters not sure if that’s a listing site or not a painting is so this is America looks like it’s probably no Stamford sorry Meriden Connecticut on Angie’s List Ronald’s painting CT not a lot of pain isn’t maybe there’s just not a lot of painters in Meriden so let’s try painter in Meriden I’m tired quality Los Angeles Thumbtack Thumbtack yeah it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of painters in Meriden specifically what is Edward Cordero Oregon so I should be talking to him because I know that’s why so that’s testing out of your Google page in Google local listing or Google search results page now I’m going to show you one other thing let’s put it in and let’s put in organically hair affordable Plumbing affordable Plumbing so it’s pathetic and that might not search web. Plumbing I was going to see her okay that’s exactly what I wanted so what you’re going to see is now that I’ve searched for a specific Plummer age if I was to do it on here via hangouts or Google Voice if you have that the numbers used to have you can see a kind of quick synopsis of the reviews that have questioned something that nobody should ever ignore so this business what could be the problem as a water when turned on can’t be shut off in shower pull does engage so I’m not sure probably not I’m not sure this is a current client or not they were looking for an answer not something I would answer on Google but I would say can you give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out but don’t ignore those so that’s awesome. You can see people also search if I was on my mobile you would be able to send a message if they have that setup so lots of great features on on the Google local listing that with that being said you’ll notice that I’m so let’s go back to Plummer you’ll notice that there is big white space over here now used to be as those are gone but what if I ask a question how do I fix a leaky toilet okay so it didn’t happen here but you can see below the Google guaranteed so sometimes it shows up over here but you can see and replacing a damaged wax ring and it gives instructions on how to fix it this is a great opportunity this is a recent article November 3rd of this year so 15 days ago this is not I’ve never heard of this website this is a great opportunity at the very top of Google if I were to use Alexa or Google Voice sorry I have a Alexa in the background but if I were to use one of those does Smart speakers to do ask this question how do I fix a leaky toilet this is the answer I might get especially if I was using a Google Google home speaker I apologize from my Alexa being annoying right now and then you’ll see videos on another great way to rich people and the reason of creating a video you’ll see people also ask so this is where your SEO company should come in and say okay so how will people find us and there’s a lot of ways to figure out how to do that just turns available out there and so far but this is a great way to show up on the first page at the very top the first in this is a this is called a future we just called Snippets or we can create those on your website the crate that on your website so you can create a video put it on your website but also on YouTube there’s some changes coming to YouTube to so be aware that you can create on the first page on a toilet so I wanted to give you a rundown of the anatomy of the Google search results page people come to Google and they’re going to either search for one term let’s let’s try research so here we have roofers in are ghettos is works with rooftop parking so I think we’re doing our job there you said it so you see the Google guaranteed you seem to look the Google ads last 90 days I’m okay so it’s giving me my search results for just rent for in the last 90 days that’s interesting Google my business and then the local listings right so these are all very local to me very hyper local you know obviously besides Wikipedia in porch and that’s how the Stage Works where’s that being said I forgot where I was going with that ask a question so what how about the fix leak in my roof and you would answer that you know you’ll get answers so I hear you got a couple of ads but yet there is some some Google shopping ads over here so products and then he have wikiHow kind of hard to compete with the rookies of the world but this is how you know they giving you some ideas of what you could do to fix it now what I recommend anybody going to roof absolutely not not unless you know what you’re doing even with this I would still not do it you know so rundown of the anatomy of the Google search page it’s involving because now Google is using the Snip-Its Moore now Google is best blog ideas are asking answer now Google uses structured data rather than Meta Meta keywords keywords in a grand for a long time but meta description those things that matter description you put in so it’s using more structured data now and so you have to you’re an invoice search of course is becoming much bigger than it used to be so you have to plan accordingly you have to plan your SEO for today and advertising for today but also planned for tomorrow because it’s going to change again we was going to update again and you’re going to have to adjust the traffic as many many many businesses have done with the most recent Google search algorithm update so this is our website cuz you have more questions I am Scott Gumball course this is roof top Marketing Group. Com we do have a new home improvement business Builders seminar coming up on this scheduled in Meriden this time so Central Connecticut if you’re out there come visit us and I plan on doing more videos like this and so is my partner so you’ll be ready to hope this helps 

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